VFTB 10/31/21: Raymond Ibrahim – Persecution

October 31, 2021

TEN YEARS of documenting Muslim persecution of Christians every month for the Gatestone Institute hasn’t opened the eyes of Western media, academia, or most Christians outside of the Middle East. […]

VFTB 7/11/21: Jamie Walden – Faith Havens

July 11, 2021

EVIDENCE IS growing that Christians in the West—Europe and North America—will soon be under the same type of control and scrutiny as the church in China and the Middle East. Jamie Walden, retired US Marine and the author of Omega Dynamics, joins us to discuss his new initiative to prepare believers to “go underground.”


VFTB 270: Carl Gallups – Be Thou Prepared

September 8, 2015

AS CHRISTIANS, we are supposed to place our trust in the providence of God. How does that square with the notion of “prepping”? Pastor Carl Gallups discusses his new book Be Thou Prepared and the biblical basis for putting aside extra for times of need. […]