VFTB 341: Carl Teichrib – Burning Man and Transformational Festivals

October 1, 2016

THE MODERN world is returning to the old gods. Festivals like the recent Burning Man are a symptom, not the cause, of the growth of the new paganism. Carl Teichrib, author of the forthcoming book Game of Gods, explains why Christians should be concerned by the growth and direction of transformational festivals. […]

VFTB 340: Brent Miller, Sr. and Carl Teichrib – Rocky Mountain International Prophecy Conference

September 29, 2016

IT’S DIFFICULT to oppose the enemy when there are collaborators in the camp. This week, our exclusive series of interviews from the 2016 Rocky Mountain International Prophecy Conference continues with Brent Miller, Sr. (www.ingenuityfilms.com) and Carl Teichrib (www.forchingchange.org). […]

VFTB 295: Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett – Demon Possession in America

January 13, 2016

WE HAVE reached a point in American history when our Christian brothers and sisters in Africa may need to start sending missionaries to us, because it appears they have a better understanding of the spirit realm than we do. Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett discusses his new book, Afraid: Demon Possession and Spiritual Warfare in America. […]

Merry Non-Pagan Christmas!

December 25, 2015

I had intended to produce a podcast for upload this past weekend on a topic that’s caused way too much animosity during the holiday season the last couple of years — the belief that Christmas is a pagan holiday. My annual December cold led me to change plans and post this instead. […]

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