WE CONTINUE our series of interviews recorded at the Rocky Mountain International Prophecy Conference with a pair of discussions about archaeology: Archaeologist Dr. Randall Price and filmmaker Timothy Mahoney join us to discuss the evidence supporting our faith.Continue Reading

THE BIBLE is unique among holy books in that its historical claims are supported by the archaeological record. Archaeologists Aaron Judkins and Bruce Hall discuss their experiences on the expedition recorded in the new documentary film, Finding Noah.Continue Reading

THE WORLD we know is not the world that used to be. Mark Combs joins us to discuss his book End the Beginning, the reasons God destroyed the world, and why Noah’s ark was such a beautiful piece of engineering.Continue Reading

Bob Cornuke

HIS SEARCH for truth led him from the streets of Los Angeles, where he served as a police investigator and SWAT team member, to what may be the site of the biblical Mount Sinai. And yet his children believe his most impressive achievement may be having his findings featured asContinue Reading