ISRAEL’S OLDEST and most bitter enemy, the planet Mars, and end-times prophecy are all connected. Timothy Alberino, author of the best-selling new book Birthright, explains.

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MONEY IS not the root of all evil. The love of money is the root of all evil. That’s a huge difference. Josh Tolley, host of the nationally syndicated Josh Tolley Show, discusses his book Evangelpreneur and why an entrepreneurial mindset it’s not only acceptable but biblical.Continue Reading

Lying Wonders

COULD THERE have been inhabitants on planet Earth before the creation of Adam? We discuss the possibility with Doug Woodward, author of the book Lying Wonders of the Red Planet: Exposing the Lie of Ancient Aliens.Continue Reading

Lying Wonders

MARS HAS fascinated people since the beginning. In his new book “Lying Wonders of the Red Planet: Exposing the Lie of Ancient Aliens”, our friend Doug Woodward explores the Martian memes that flood cable television and late-night talk radio and offers a Christian perspective on the idea that men (and women) are from Mars.Continue Reading