HUMAN HISTORY revolves around a character who died in Mesopotamia more than five thousand years ago. Dr. Doug Hamp, senior pastor of The Way Congregation in Lakewood, Colorado, joins us to continue our discussion of his new book Corrupting the Image II: Hybrids, Hades, and the Mount Hermon Connection. DougContinue Reading

CHRISTIANS ARE being blamed for the evils of the world—but it’s non-believers who will pay the price.

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Abraham Allegiant

THE BIBLE is perhaps the most exciting book in history. Gods, monsters, and men — it’s all in there, and the cool thing is, it’s true. Award-winning screenwriter Brian Godawa (To End All Wars) takes the bones of his Chronicles of the Nephilim series from biblical accounts and fills in theContinue Reading

Babylon Rising

IT’S NOT unusual for conservative preachers to refer to America as a modern-day Babylon. They may be more correct than they know. Rob Skiba joins us to discuss his new book, Babylon Rising: And the First Shall be Last.  He tells us why he believes the first king of theContinue Reading

Planet X, The Sign of the Son of Man and the End of the Age

X MARKS the end of the age. In the new book Planet X, The Sign of the Son of Man, and the End of the Age, Doug Elwell, publisher of the online journal Mysterious World, presents compelling evidence that the most important events in human history — creation, the birthContinue Reading