VFTB 292: Ken Johnson – Islam in Prophecy

December 20, 2015

IT SEEMS odd that Islam, which has expanded since the 7th century to control almost a quarter of the world’s population, would not be mentioned in Bible prophecy. Ken Johnson of www.BibleFacts.org points out that the Bible does, in fact, refer to Islam. […]

VFTB 220: Rollin Miller – Abyss

January 21, 2015

IMAGINE GETTING a one-on-one interview with Lucifer. Even in chains, as he will be during the thousand-year millennial reign of Jesus, the fallen “anointed cherub who covereth” is still incredibly dangerous. Author Rollin Miller discusses his fascinating new novel, Abyss.


VFTB at Prophecy Summit: Dr. Stan Monteith

August 23, 2013

IT DOESN’T take medical training to recognize that our world is sick. One might say that what we need now, more than anything, is a doctor of singular skill. While we wait for His return, […]

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