CHRISTIANS ARE being blamed for the evils of the world—but it’s non-believers who will pay the price.

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IT SEEMS odd that Islam, which has expanded since the 7th century to control almost a quarter of the world’s population, would not be mentioned in Bible prophecy. Ken Johnson of points out that the Bible does, in fact, refer to Islam.Continue Reading

IMAGINE GETTING a one-on-one interview with Lucifer. Even in chains, as he will be during the thousand-year millennial reign of Jesus, the fallen “anointed cherub who covereth” is still incredibly dangerous. Author Rollin Miller discusses his fascinating new novel, Abyss.

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Dr. Stanley Monteith

IT DOESN’T take medical training to recognize that our world is sick. One might say that what we need now, more than anything, is a doctor of singular skill. While we wait for His return, we discuss the ills that plague us with Dr. Stanley Monteith, host of Radio Liberty and authorContinue Reading

Destiny Lab Naturally Selected

WHAT WOULD you get if Chuck Missler, Chris White, and Dr. Future formed a rap group?  It might sound something like Destiny Lab. We talk with Arkalogik (known as Dave Britton to his friends), a lyricist and rapper who partners with Genetix to create what is probably the most uniqueContinue Reading