VFTB 198: New Age, Old Lie

October 12, 2014

IT’S IRONIC that the best offer the New Age movement can make is a recycled version of the lie from Genesis 3: Ye shall be as gods. The hidden tragedy is that oneness with the divine — enlightenment — is basically the realization that your individuality is an illusion; that you are, basically, an indistinct part of an infinite whole. […]

VFTB 172: Manufacturing Gods

February 23, 2014

GOD CREATES; man manufactures. Therein lies a key difference between the Gospel and the New Age. Patricia Langer, a researcher, writer, and speaker who specializes in the supernatural, especially abduction experiences, discusses her past in […]

VFTB Live: Andrew Strom — Kundalini Warning

July 24, 2010

THE CHURCH has been invaded by false spirits manifesting lying signs and wonders. That’s the message from Andrew Strom, a longtime member of the charismatic movement and author of the new book, Kundalini Warning: Are […]