John Haller, host of the excellent Prophecy Update vidcast, joins us to discuss why Christians turn our guns on each other (figuratively speaking) over issues we probably don’t completely understand.Continue Reading

THE LEGAL basis for marriage in the United States appears to be “because they want to”. That being the case, where does the line get drawn? Attorney John Haller of Fellowship Bible Chapel in Columbus, Ohio explains the legal, moral, and prophetic implications of the Supreme Court’s ruling on the definition of marriage.Continue Reading

Prophecy Forum

THE STUDY of prophecy is, according to some prominent evangelicals, not what Jesus wanted from his followers. We’re joined this week by three very intelligent men — Gary Winkelman, John Haller, and Doug Woodward — who respectfully disagree.Continue Reading

John Haller

ONE’S VIEW of Bible prophecy tells a lot about one’s view of Christian doctrine. John Haller, teaching pastor at Fellowship Bible Chapel and a member of The Prophecy Forum, explains how the study of Bible prophecy is important to one’s understanding of the gospel.Continue Reading