VFTB 068: Pastor Mike Hoggard — The Watchman

October 17, 2010

EZEKIEL DESCRIBED the duty of the watchman in ancient Judah as the man with the responsibility of sounding a warning when he saw danger. Pastor Mike Hoggard of Bethel Church in Festus, Missouri uses a […]

VFTB 061: Al Dager — The Church in Dominion

August 15, 2010

DURING MY reading on the Dominionist movement this year, I noticed that one book kept popping up in footnotes, cited by researchers studying this heresy. Vengeance Is Ours: The Church In Dominion, published in 1990, […]

VFTB 050: Dr. Orrel Steinkamp — The Mythology of Dominionism

May 30, 2010

THEY CALL themselves Christians but the mythology underlying their beliefs has little to do with Christ.  To Dominionists, Jesus’ return to Earth is on hold, waiting for us to conquer it first. Dr. Orrel Steinkamp […]