VFTB 379: Doug Woodward & Gary Huffman – The Revealing

December 10, 2017

WE CHRISTIANS talk a lot about “glory,” but most of us really don’t have a clue about what that means. In their new book, authors Doug Woodward and Gary Huffman, authors of The Revealing: Unlocking Hidden Truths on the Glorification of God’s Children, explain why comprehending our true destiny is so important. […]

VFTB 217: Dr. Doug Stauffer – The Pre-Tribulation Rapture

January 11, 2015

IT SEEMS as though the concept of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture is being challenged today like never before. Dr. Doug Stauffer shares the scriptural support for the Pre-Tribulation view and explains why he believes the Pre-Tribulation view is being challenged.


VFTB 193: Pre-Wrath Rapture

September 7, 2014

Alan Kurschner, director of Eschatos Ministries and author of Prewrath: A Very Short Introduction, gives a brief overview of the Pre-Wrath Rapture position, some of the scriptural support for it, and where it differs from the Pre-Tribulation view. […]

VFTB at the OPS: Gary Stearman – Importance of Prophecy

July 23, 2014

LETTING IT be known that you study Bible prophecy is not a good way to win friends and influence people. But as Prophecy in the News host Gary Stearman explains, it is an important and often overlooked topic. […]

VFTB at the OPS: Dr. Doug Stauffer – The Tribulation

June 13, 2014

ONE OF the biggest questions — or arguments — for students of prophecy is whether the Church will endure the Great Tribulation. Dr. Doug Stauffer explains why he believes the answer is, “No.” […]

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