Carl Teichrib

Carl Teichrib, editor of Forcing Change, discusses the utopian pursuit of world unity — a modern attempt to build the Tower of Babel.Continue Reading

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BETTER LATE than never: Conflicting schedules delayed this interview from its hoped-for date in early January. Carl Teichrib, editor of Forcing Change, published a 2013 calendar of globalist events in his December issue. While a couple of those gatherings have already come and gone, Carl tells us what to watchContinue Reading

Pope Benedict

THE DESIRE for a global authority to govern world political and economic activity sounds like something right out of the book of Revelation.  But it’s here now, and Pope Benedict has openly called for supranational political entity to bring peace and economic justice to the planet. Carl Teichrib, editor ofContinue Reading

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PEACE in our time. Sounds great! Where do we sign up? There is a movement, for the most part operating quietly and in the background, that for decades has been guiding policy discussions in world capitals toward a goal of global disarmament.  It sounds like a noble end, until youContinue Reading


KNOWLEDGE IS power, and we tap into a valuable source of intel tonight. We talk with Carl Teichrib, chief editor of Forcing Change, an information/intelligence portal designed to document and analyze the religious, social, governance, and economic agendas, movements, and initiatives that are  radically shifting Western civilization. This transformation hasContinue Reading