VFTB Live: Chad Schafer – In the Bondage of Egypt

April 14, 2019

THE REAL game of thrones takes place in the spirit realm. Chad Schafer, author of The World in the Bondage of Egypt—Under the Arch of Titus, explains how a 2,000-year-old Roman monument represents the ongoing fulfillment of Bible prophecy.


VFTB 353: Ken Johnson – The Ancient Book of Gad the Seer

December 18, 2016

THE BOOK of Gad the Seer, a book of prophecy that’s come to light some three thousand years after it was reportedly written. Dr. Ken Johnson joins us to explain why the The Ancient Book of Gad the Seer is relevant today. […]

VFTB 342: Claudia Koenig & Dr. Michael Heiser – Rocky Mountain Int’l Prophecy Conference

October 6, 2016

THE SPIRIT realm is the focus of this week’s interviews from the Rocky Mountain International Prophecy Conference. First, we talk with Claudia Koenig, who talked about the need for evangelism, and then we talk with Dr. Michael Heiser, author of The Unseen Realm, about the Divine Council and its implications for Christian theology. […]

VFTB 338: Jeff Kinley & Joseph Farah – Rocky Mountain Int’l Prophecy Conference

September 21, 2016

OUR SERIES of exclusive interviews recorded at the 2016 Rocky Mountain International Prophecy Conference continues with a pair of discussions about the role of the church in the last days. This week, we talk with Jeff Kinley, author of Wake the Bride, and Joseph Farah, publisher of WND.com and author of the forthcoming book The Restitution of all Things. […]

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