THE REAL game of thrones takes place in the spirit realm. Chad Schafer, author of The World in the Bondage of Egypt—Under the Arch of Titus, explains how a 2,000-year-old Roman monument represents the ongoing fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

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THE MORAL attitudes of the United States have changed more quickly in the last ten years than at almost any point in our history. Doug Krieger, co-author of Final Babylon: America and the Coming of Antichrist, discusses his belief that present-day America fulfills the description of end-times Babylon in Bible prophecy.Continue Reading

The Final Babylon

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PROPHECY SCHOLARS have studied, wondered, and debated for more than two thousand years about the identity of the End Times political and religious leader called the Antichrist.  His places of origin include Europe generally, Rome specifically, and even Assyria.  But what if the Antichrist actually emerges right here in theContinue Reading