How do Christians live a Spirit-filled life when we’re the same people, filled with the same flawed thoughts, desires, and flaws? Preston and Kelly Condra, authors of the new book Bearing Fruit or Living Barren: The Essentials of Christian Spirituality, explain why “how,” rather than “what,” is the key word.Continue Reading

Derek Gilbert and Ken Johnson

Dr. Ken Johnson, author of 18 books, discusses two of his that are likely to step on some toes: The Gnostic Origins of Calvinism and The Gnostic Origins of Roman Catholicism.Continue Reading

Jerry Robinson

A PROPER view of money is vital to preparing for the End of Days. So says Jerry Robinson, who is an economist, the best-selling author of Bankruptcy of Our Nation: 21 Income Streams, P.A.C.E. Investing, and More, Editor-in-Chief of FTM (Follow The Money) Daily News, and the host of the radioContinue Reading

WE CHRISTIANS were never promised an easy walk through life. In fact, says Tom Payne, author of The Path: A Guidebook for This Age of Upheaval (also available in Amazon Kindle format), time in the wilderness is essential to our spiritual growth. Tom explains how the Jewish calendar of feasts, fromContinue Reading


IN THE days of Noah, something was going on that Jesus said would be repeated at the time of His coming.  What did He mean by that? In the view of our panel tonight, the answer is the return of the giants mentioned in Genesis chapter 6 — or atContinue Reading