THE MODERN world is returning to the old gods. Festivals like the recent Burning Man are a symptom, not the cause, of the growth of the new paganism. Carl Teichrib, author of the forthcoming book Game of Gods, explains why Christians should be concerned by the growth and direction of transformational festivals.

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IT’S DIFFICULT to oppose the enemy when there are collaborators in the camp. This week, our exclusive series of interviews from the 2016 Rocky Mountain International Prophecy Conference continues with Brent Miller, Sr. ( and Carl Teichrib ( Reading

Women on the Watch

SOMETIMES THE best watchman on the wall is actually a woman.  Proof comes this weekend in the fourth annual Women on the Watch Conference, September 16th through 18th at Calvary Chapel in Cypress, California. Jackie Alnor, publisher of and host of Apostasy Alert on Rapture Ready Radio, discusses theContinue Reading

Judgment Day

SO SAYS Harold Camping of Family Radio Worldwide. Judgment Day, he says, is May 21, 2011. (If you’re reading this, you already know Mr. Camping was wrong — again.) We talk with Jackie Alnor of Apostasy Alert to discover why Camping wasn’t embarrassed enough by missing his originally predicted dateContinue Reading