VFTB 219: Carl Teichrib – The 2015 Globalist Calendar

January 18, 2015

WELCOME TO the new year! Globalists have 2015 all mapped out, chock full of events to change the way you live. Carl Teichrib, editor of Forcing Change, joins us to share some of the more important dates on the globalists’ 2015 calendar and why we should be concerned.


VFTB 218: Patrick Wood – Technocracy Rising

January 14, 2015

THE GREATEST threat to your freedom is not Communism, Socialism, or Fascism. It is Technocracy. Patrick M. Wood, author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation, describes the movement and explains why Christians should be especially motivated to reject its globalist agenda.


VFTB at Pikes Peak: Carl Teichrib – Rebuilding Babel

August 13, 2014

Carl Teichrib, editor of Forcing Change, discusses the utopian pursuit of world unity — a modern attempt to build the Tower of Babel. […]

VFTB 144: Agenda 21

April 21, 2013

IT’S LIKE the Illuminati or the New World Order:  Many of us have heard of Agenda 21 and have a general sense that it’s not a good thing, but we don’t really understand what it […]