What happens when you take a maverick archaeologist and a filmmaker and drop them into Petra? A film that probably wasn’t sanctioned by OSHA. Dr. Aaron Judkins and Ty Towriss discuss their “travelogumentary,” Footsteps of Lost Truth: Qumran 2 Petra.

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THERE ARE more secrets the Holy Land can yield to the archaeologist’s spade. Dr. Aaron Judkins joins us to discuss a dig planned for the Qumran plateau later this year and how you can help him get to Israel to take part in the dig.Continue Reading

THE BIBLE is unique among holy books in that its historical claims are supported by the archaeological record. Archaeologists Aaron Judkins and Bruce Hall discuss their experiences on the expedition recorded in the new documentary film, Finding Noah.Continue Reading

IT IS possibly the greatest archaeological quest of all time — the search for Noah’s ark. Dr. Aaron Judkins discusses his experiences during the filming of the forthcoming documentary Finding Noah.Continue Reading

Los Lunas Decalogue Stone

AN 80-TON boulder in New Mexico raises some intriguing questions: Were people from the Ancient Near East in New Mexico sometime before 500 B.C.? Dr. Aaron Judkins talks about his new documentary, “Hidden Mountain and the Los Lunas Mystery Stone” (also available on YouTube by clicking here) which records hisContinue Reading