Beast Tech

ARE YOU ready for your implant? Author and speaker Terry Cook, co-author of Beast Tech, says we may have as little as three years before technology appears that will ultimately link recipients to the government of the Antichrist.Continue Reading

Prayer Button

TECH CAN be one of the most distracting things in modern life, but it can also be a powerful tool. Logan Fields, a full-time youth pastor from Texas, joins us to explain why he felt led to develop an app to encourage group prayer.Continue Reading

Will the Church Go Through the Tribulation?

ONE OF the biggest questions — or arguments — for students of prophecy is whether the Church will endure the Great Tribulation. Dr. Doug Stauffer explains why he believes the answer is, “No.”Continue Reading

The Supernatural Battle

HE MAY head up the most unusual paranormal investigation team in the world — and not only because it’s made up of Bible-believing Christians. Richard J. Grund, host of Reflections in the Dark and author of The Supernatural Battle: A Field Manual, formed the Supernatural Response Team in the late 1980s after heContinue Reading

Gilbert, Marzulli and Shaw

THEY’RE SEARCHING for the remains of what may be the most elusive hominid in history — the Nephilim. L.A. Marzulli and Richard Shaw, the host and director of the Watchers series of DVDs, have committed themselves to a quest that, if successful, could prove the existence of the angel-human hybrids described briefly inContinue Reading