In keeping with the transhuman/transgenic theme of our discussions in Canton, Ohio and during our interview Friday night, filmmaker Rob Skiba has taken A View From the Bunker trans-audio.  Displaying his skills as a director and editor, he’s added images and video to our one-hour discussion, which I found fascinating enough without the pictures.Continue Reading

THE MAN behind the Last Days Conference in Nashville this spring talks about the Supernatural Science and Prophecy Conference in Canton, Ohio next weekend, October 1 & 2.  Tom Dunn tells us what to expect and updates us on the DVD project from the Last Days Conference. Plus: the BunkerContinue Reading

WHEN THE end comes, it may be not with a bang but with a GRIN — as in genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence, and nanotechnology. Tom Horn, publisher of Raiders News Network and the author of Apollyon Rising: 2012, talked about GRIN technology and the growing trans- and post-humanist movements. WillContinue Reading