A round table discussion featuring presenters at the Future Congress on Emerging Threats and Challenges in Branson, Missouri. Guests: Jeff Patty of ProphecyMatters.com; award-winning filmmaker Rob Skiba, writer/producer of the forthcoming sci-fi series Seed and author of the book-in-progress Babylon Rising: And the First Shall Be Last; and Russ Dizdar,Continue Reading

Babylon Rising 2012

Continuing the theme of last week’s discussion, filmmaker Rob Skiba shares his research behind the forthcoming sci-fi series Seed, which he’s publishing online as the e-book and audio book, Babylon Rising 2012. Rob identifies Apolloyon in the Book of Revelation as Apollo to the Greeks, Osiris to the Egyptians, Marduk to the Babylonians, and Nimrod to the ancient Hebrews.Continue Reading

Ancient reptilian

Filmmaker Rob Skiba talks about the use of pop media as a witnessing tool, and researcher Chris White, host of Nowhere to Run on the Revelations Radio Network, discusses his new documentary, David Icke Debunked.Continue Reading

In keeping with the transhuman/transgenic theme of our discussions in Canton, Ohio and during our interview Friday night, filmmaker Rob Skiba has taken A View From the Bunker trans-audio.  Displaying his skills as a director and editor, he’s added images and video to our one-hour discussion, which I found fascinating enough without the pictures.Continue Reading

FILMMAKER ROB SKIBA talks about his forthcoming sci-fi series Seed, based the very issues we wrestle with on P.I.D. Radio and A View From the Bunker: angels, demons, the Nephilim, and the eternal war for the souls of humanity. See www.SeedTheSeries.com.Continue Reading