FROM THE Nephilim to the Large Hadron Collider, reality has always been a lot stranger than most of us imagine. In this wide-ranging conversation, we bring together for the first time all four co-authors of the new book ‘Revising Reality: A Biblical Look Into the Cosmos Volume One’: Anthony Patch, Gonz Shimura, Josh Peck, and Doug Woodward.

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OUR EXCLUSIVE interviews from the Rocky Mountain International Prophecy Conference this week feature two people I see every day: Sharon K. Gilbert discusses her presentation “I Compute, Therefore I AM”, and Josh Peck, who explains why entities that defy the laws of physics are actually transdimensional, not extraterrestrial.Continue Reading

Quantum Creation

PHYSICISTS AT CERN attempted to find evidence for “parallel universes” this week, but what they really mean are dimensions beyond the four (three spatial, one chronological) we perceive. Josh Peck, author of Quantum Creation, tries to speak slowly and use small words so Derek can grasp the implications of the atom-smashing at the Large Hadron Collider, and he explains why the work has him concerned.Continue Reading

Quantum Creation

THE NEW Age movement seems to have claimed quantum physics for its own. Josh Peck, founder of Ministudy Ministry, offers as a rebuttal his new book Quantum Creation: Does the Supernatural Lurk in the Fourth Dimension?Continue Reading

Disclosure by Josh Peck

IT’S JUST a guess, but it’s possible that many, if not most, professing Christians do not view themselves as soldiers in a cosmic war. Josh Peck, author of the new book Disclosure: Unveiling Our Role in the Secret War of the Ancients, joined us to discuss this ongoing conflict.Continue Reading