Age of Deceit

IF THE apostle Paul knew his stuff, then the struggles we face every day are not with other people, but with evil intelligences — “powers”, “principalities”, and “the rulers of the darkness of this world”. It follows, then, that the so-called conspiracies we see in the world around us mayContinue Reading

Babylon Rising

IT’S NOT unusual for conservative preachers to refer to America as a modern-day Babylon. They may be more correct than they know. Rob Skiba joins us to discuss his new book, Babylon Rising: And the First Shall be Last.  He tells us why he believes the first king of theContinue Reading

Power Quest

IT’S NO secret that Americans are a spiritual people. But please note: That isn’t the same as being a Christian nation. Doug Woodward discusses his new book, Power Quest, Book One: America’s Obsession With the Paranormal.  He believes that the U.S. may be at risk of retracing the steps thatContinue Reading

Doctor Manhattan

A MOVEMENT is gaining momentum that would create a New Man — one not fashioned in the image of God. While this sounds like a very modern idea, it is, in fact, quite old. Carl Teichrib, editor of the excellent newsletter Forcing Change, discusses his chapter in the new bookContinue Reading

Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers

CHRIS PINTO of Adullam Films discusses his latest DVD, The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers, an expanded version of the presentation he gave in April, 2010 at the Last Days Conference in Nashville. The faith of Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin has been in the public eye recently, thanks toContinue Reading