VFTB 042: Holly Pivec — False Prophets

April 4, 2010

WALKING AMONG us this very day are men and women who claim the mantle of prophets and apostles in the strictest biblical sense. Holly Pivec, publisher of the Spirit of Error website, defines the New Apostolic Reformation and tells us why it’s dangerous. […]

VFTB 041: Scotland “Kuba” Kubinski — Heavy Metal for Jesus

March 28, 2010

THE LORD spoke to Moses through a burning bush. The Lord spoke to Kuba through a burning monster truck. That’s the beginning of a story leads to The Full Armor of God, a unique ministry that reaches out to the the rude, crude, and tattooed. […]

VFTB 040: L.A. Marzulli — The Last Days

March 21, 2010

IT’S HERE, it’s burgeoning, and it’s not going away. So says L.A. Marzulli, author of The Alien Interviews. We discuss global events and the UFO phenomenon, their relation to end-times prophecy, and why most Christians are unaware of the end game. […]

VFTB 039: Chris Knowles — St. Patrick and Osiris

March 14, 2010

CONTRARY TO popular belief, St. Patrick’s Day isn’t an Irish celebration. Christopher Knowles, author of the fascinating blog The Secret Sun, traces the history of St. Paddy’s Day back through Rome to ancient Egypt. […]

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