VFTB 9/26/21: William Ramsey – Global Death Cult

September 26, 2021

AN OCCULT organization with roots in British neo-Nazi movement has gone global, with a plan to call on the old gods to remake the world—a plan that includes human sacrifice. Researcher, filmmaker, and author William […]

VFTB 7/16/21: Timothy Alberino – Machu Picchu, Megaliths, and the Old Gods

August 17, 2021

THE INCAS are credited with building some of the most incredible megalithic sites in the world—Machu Picchu, Sacsayhuamán, Ollantaytambo—even though the Inca themselves never claimed to be the builders. […]

VFTB 7/18/21: Dr. Judd Burton – Saturn, Cincinnatus, and Civil Religion in America

July 18, 2021

HOW DID a man who rejected the idea of becoming king end up as a god? Dr. Judd Burton joins us to discuss the transformation of George Washington from founding father to pagan symbol of a new Golden Age.


VFTB 7/11/21: Jamie Walden – Faith Havens

July 11, 2021

EVIDENCE IS growing that Christians in the West—Europe and North America—will soon be under the same type of control and scrutiny as the church in China and the Middle East. Jamie Walden, retired US Marine and the author of Omega Dynamics, joins us to discuss his new initiative to prepare believers to “go underground.”


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