VFTB 6/9/22: Dr. Mike Spaulding – Go Therefore

BRINGING TOGETHER the body of Christ is a noble calling, but it’s a lot of work. Why would the pastor of a church, with all of the responsibilities that job entails, take on the job of organizing a conference?

Dr. Mike Spaulding, pastor of Calvary Chapel in Lima, Ohio and the host of Dr. Mike Live on YouTube, joins us to discuss the upcoming Go Therefore Conference July 29–30, 2022 at the Harvest Revival Center in Brookville (Dayton), Ohio.

Speakers include Derek and Sharon Gilbert, Pastor Carl Gallups, Dr. Michael Lake, Pastor Caspar McCloud, David Heavener, Coach Dave Daubenmire, Kenny Seay, Tom Dunn, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, and more. Information and registration here: www.GoThereforeConference.com.

Listen to the discussion below, or watch the interview at our YouTube channel:

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