VFTB 3/6/22: Iron and Myth 2 – Giants, Serpents, Wolves, and the Abyss

THE NEPHILIM are going mainstream! This month, Doug Van Dorn tells us about his involvement in a new documentary series forthcoming on The Inspiration Network that features biblical giants, Gilgal Refaim, and the serpent-shaped mound a quarter of a mile north of there absolutely covered in megalithic tombs.

Doug tells us about his experience with the producers of the documentary (and gets props for being the first one to recognize what we’re calling the Serpent Mound of Bashan), and then shares some mind-blowing research that suggests Gilgal Refaim may be much, much older than we thought.

Dr. Judd Burton discusses the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, celebrated around this time every year, and explains why Jesus may have timed his visit to Caesarea Philippi (the Grotto of Pan at the foot of Mount Hermon) to coincide with the festival. And Derek explains why the ancient Hurrians of northern Mesopotamia, rather than the Sumerians, may be the first in recorded history to worship a deity whose home was the abyss.

Listen to the program below, or watch the video of our discussion here:

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