Best of VFTB: LTC Dan Marvin – Expendable Elite

AMERICA’S FINEST have all too often been used as throwaway pawns in political chess games played by people who have never seen war.

As we approach Independence Day here in the United States, it seemed appropriate to bring back two interviews with the late Lt. Col. Dan Marvin, author of an important book, Expendable Elite: One Soldier’s Journey Into Covert Warfare, which documents his service as a Green Beret captain in Vietnam.

Expendable Elite is about the good, bad and ugly of secret warfare, the first bombarding of enemy safe-havens inside Cambodia, major battles won by Hoa Hao Irregular Forces led by American and Vietnamese Green Berets, the importance of civic action and psychological warfare, and the involvement of US Special Forces in the plots to assassinate Cambodia’s Prince Sihanouk, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and US Navy LTCDR William B. Pitzer, perhaps the last victim of the John F. Kennedy case.

LTC Marvin documents retribution and revenge tactics employed by the CIA and the White House against its own, and the courage of Lieutenant General Quang Van Dang in his rescue of Marvin’s A-Team, their counterparts and 400 Hoa Hao warriors from a 1,000 man South Vietnamese regiment sent by the CIA to destroy Marvin’s Special Forces camp.

Until his death in 2012, Dan Marvin made it his mission to compel the U.S. government to recognize the way America’s finest have been sacrificed for political objectives in the past and to ensure that it never happens again.

Visit the Expendable Elite website ( and read Col. Marvin’s article series “The Unconventional Warrior.”

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