VFTB Live: Chrisagis Brothers – Music and Miracles

SHAWN AND BRIAN CHRISAGIS shouldn’t be here. They were born three months premature, spent two years in incubators, and survived life-threatening allergies to the sun, grass, clothes and all types of food.

And yet, here they are, in full-time music ministry, with a new book out next month and a pilot for a family-friendly television series on the way. Follow their ministry at www.ChrisagisBrothersMinistries.org.

Also: Overpopulation myth; the U.S. is broke; Trump pulls federal funding from Planned Parenthood; fake hate crime shows that America’s not really that bad; and Christian witches claim Jesus was a sorcerer.

You may have heard that Nathan Peck, the young son of Josh & Christina Peck, is battling T-cell leukemia. If you are led to help the Pecks financially, you can do it at Josh’s website, www.JoshPeckDisclosure.com/donate.

Plus: Details of our upcoming trip to Israel, and how you can join us! The SkyWatchTV Wars of the Gods Tour of Israel May 12-23, with Sharon K. Gilbert, Pastor Carl Gallups, and messianic Rabbi Zev Porat, includes an exclusive guided tour of Qumran with Jim Barfield, founder of the Copper Scroll Project.

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