VFTB Live: L.A. Marzulli

Author and lecturer L.A. Marzulli joins us to discuss the prophetic implications of this week’s news and his experience with the History Channel’s latest series on ancient aliens.

Visit L.A.’s website at www.LAMarzulli.net and his blog at LAMarzulli.wordpress.com.

Recommended reading: Damnable Heresies Invading the Church by Marsha West, a scathing criticism of the church’s lack of discernment regarding the spread of the New Apostolic Reformation and its Dominionist heresy.


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  1. Dear Derek and Sharon,

    Thanks for the great interviews and commentary. I so enjoy learning and considering. Time is short; thank you for not shrinking back.

    Please look into AC Griffith (I know you have SO much down time !) He is a Believer and former CIA man. Older and wiser and sighted. (He has been on The Power Hour)

    Love Sam. We have two little dachshunds that are shamelessly pampered and greatly loved. Pat-pat for Sam and prayers for your safety and healing and comfort~

    Respectfully and gratefully,
    Landrum, South Carolina

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