VFTB 291: Brian Godawa – Horror and the Thinking Christian

chronicles-of-the-nephilim-banner-3A 12-YEAR-OLD girl in Indiana is in custody, charged with stabbing her stepmother to death to please a scary fictional clown called Laughing Jack. Last year, two girls allegedly stabbed a friend multiple times, trying to kill her to please another make-believe monster, Slenderman, one of three violent incidents in 2014 linked to the character.

What is behind the real-life terror linked to these so-called “creepypastas”? Does horror fiction have any redeeming value or is it inherently destructive?

Award-winning screenwriter and novelist Brian Godawa joins us to discuss horror as a genre of entertainment and whether it is something that Christians can enjoy.

Click here for Brian’s article “An Apologetic of Horror”, and click here for his compelling short film Cruel Logic.

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