Exorcism-2-305469A RENOWNED Roman Catholic exorcist led a group of priests, accompanied by an archbishop and a cardinal, in a unique ceremony May 20th at the cathedral of San Luis Potosi in Mexico. The purpose was to exorcise demons from Mexico — demons that they believe have pulled Mexico into a destructive cycle of drugs and violence.

Is it possible to exorcise demons from a geographic area? Would demons even be responsible for, or capable of, pulling an entire nation into immorality? Dr. Michael Lake, founder and chancellor of Biblical Life College and Seminary, discusses spiritual warfare: The existence of territorial spirits, biblical precedents, and the danger in overreaching when dealing with powerful supernatural entities.

Note: Derek was recently a guest on Dr. Lake’s Kingdom Intelligence Briefing podcast. Listen to the program by clicking here.

Here is the link to the recent interview with Patrick Wood about his excellent book Technocracy Rising, and here is the interview Patrick did with John B. Wells on his program, Caravan to Midnight (note: link opens YouTube video).

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  1. A tremendous interview. Derek, if you’re unfamiliar with Roman Catholic exorcism, I’d suggest Fr. Malachi Martin’s book, “Hostage to the Devil: The Possession and Exorcism of Five Living Americans.” As you know, Fr. Martin was an exorcist, among other things, and his book deals specifically with various exorcisms with which he was involved. It’s a fascinating book, and provides a great deal of information about what actually occurs and the people involved.

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