VFTB 242: Chris White – Islamic Antichrist Debunked

islamic_antichristTHE IDEA that the Antichrist will be the Muslim Mahdi is a popular teaching among evangelical Christians right now. But does it align with scripture?

Chris White, author and host of the Bible Prophecy Talk podcast, joins us to discuss his new book, Islamic Antichrist Debunked, and why he believes the Islamic Antichrist theory is the most dangerous eschatological teaching today.

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  1. Derek,

    Please forgive me for saying this but at the close of the interview, you referenced a news item and – it seems to me – sneered at the mere mention of the phrase ‘greenhouse gases.’

    Now, it may be that there are people who deny the reality of anthropogenic global warming but please tell me what exactly is scientifically wrong with the concept of a greenhouse gas. What physics can you point to in order to deny the fact that carbon dioxide (and water vapour and methane among others) is transparent to light but opaque to infra red. ie it lets in the light but blocks some of the heat from escaping?

    If there was no such thing as a greenhouse effect, the average global temperature would be minus fifteen degrees centigrade, which is far too cold for life.

    1. Author

      Hi, Steve,

      I’m sorry my tone gave you that impression. My comment was intended as a poke at the idea that we humans are somehow more to blame for greenhouse gases than volcanic eruptions. And it’s really fortunate the millions of bison who roamed the prairie in the 18th and 19th centuries didn’t pass gas.

  2. please post the youtube video you talked about during this interview. i would like to see it. very interesting subject material. thanks and shalom.

  3. Man! Seriously, how are you supposed to know when the real real messiah and the real antichrist arrives?!?! It’s like at some point you’ll just have put your chips down, spin the roulette wheel and hope you are betting on the right number!

    1. Author

      That is kind of the point. The Antichrist won’t show up with fanfare. He’s far more likely to sneak up on the world.

  4. Derek, you do the best interviews! I’m blown away by how well versed both you and Sharon are on any given subject. Thanks, your work is a blessing.

  5. with all due respect to everyone involved–i agree that =the= antichrist will probably not be islamic. however, in looking at the ‘in the name of allah’ youtube video, mr. white does a very greek mindset analysis of an oriental mindset phenomenon. can anyone say ‘synchronicity’? clearly islam is an antichrist, of whom john says, there are many.

  6. While I agree that the AC will not be Islamic, and Chris White’s theory that he will seek to impersonate Jesus sounds logical on the surface, I don’t find it entirely logical. He proceeds from the premise that most people are Christians or Jews and while “Christians” may be more numerous than other religions, most of those are nominal Christians who aren’t watching for any signs of the returning Lord.

    Scripture states that the whole world will follow after the AC. Most people (especially the young) in the US, in Europe, and in other areas are not followers of Christ. Based on what is occurring with new age spirituality, paganism (such as TomorrowWorld, etc.) and the Luciferianism of the elites, I can’t help but believe the false Messiah will be a pagan savior, meant to draw people into a “new age” utopia. See the posts I wrote in January and February 2015 on “Binaural Beats” and “The Commercial Trance State” at: http://666surveillancesystem.com/

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