methodical_illusionIF THE events of 9/11 could not have happened the way we’ve been told, then we are led to a couple very uncomfortable questions:  Why are they lying, and who stood to gain?

Rebekah Roth draws on her experience as a career flight attendant to highlight glaring inconsistencies in the official story in the form of her new novel,  Methodical Illusion. You may not like where the evidence leads, but do we not owe it to the thousands of victims to follow the threads?

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  1. While her evidence is interesting and points to the conclusion that the passengers were murdered and that the entire 9/11 scenario was fabricated, I find it very hard to accept that the Mossad was behind it. How could they have planted the massive amount of explosives within the buildings, how could they have forced down the planes and taken passengers off, then murdered them, or scheduled drills for the same day, etc. The facts point elsewhere. For instance, Marvin Bush’s company handled security for the WTC complex in the days before 9/11. That and the complexity of the operation, the number of agencies involved, etc. leads to the conclusion that this was a US government operation. In terms of who would benefit, 9/11 was the basis for passing the Patriot Act and for developing Homeland Security, etc. In contrast, an oil pipeline is a thin benefit; it would be extreme overkill (no pun intended). While I can accept her facts, I can’t buy her reasoning. It isn’t logical.

  2. Thanks for having Rebekah Roth on your program. I have read her book and really appreciate her insights into the aspects of 9/11 which directly had to do with her 30 year career as a Flight Attendant…oh, I mean Flight Hostess.

  3. I am a long time podcast listener. I am also following Skywatch TV. I am very disappointed that you even entertained this woman and her theory. Sorry but this kind of presentation will simply destroy your credibility and Skywatch along with you!

    1. Author


      Thank you for your feedback. For the record, A View from the Bunker stands alone and does not reflect in any way the opinions of the staff or management of SkyWatchTV. Nor do the opinions of my guests necessarily reflect my opinion.

      9/11 isn’t a topic I address often. It’s been covered in far greater depth many other places than I care to on this program. I hope to focus on a higher calling.

      However, it is good for American Christians to remember from time to time that we should never conflate God and country. While I do not subscribe to the theory that the Mossad is responsible (I tend to believe, as I think I mentioned in my concluding comments, a more plausible explanation was the pipeline rights across Afghanistan that Unocal sought and the Taliban gave to Bridas instead), the takeaway from any discussion of the evidence is this: If the official story isn’t true, then who lied and what did they gain?

      America, as much as I am thankful to live here, is a nation that has done some ungodly things in the name of “national security”. This is nothing new nor is it unique to this nation.

  4. Derek. Thanks for interviewing Rebekah. She made a good point in distinguishing Israeli intelligence from the Israeli people. If it’s really true that cell phones didn’t work at altitude in 2001 then at least some of her conclusions are worth considering. Keep up the good work!

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