VFTB 238: Mark Bunker – Scientology’s Spies and Lies

volcanoONE OF the most significant days in recent American history was the day a mediocre science fiction author decided to become a god.

Mark Bunker, a broadcaster, newsman, and film producer, joins us to discuss the legacy of L. Ron Hubbard and the Church of Scientology. Mark raises some important questions: Why is an organization that has spent tens of millions of dollars spying on and smearing enemies and ex-members, including the 79-year-old father of the head of the group, allowed to retain its tax-exempt status by the United States government? And what kind of “church” would stoop to dirty tricks and character assassination to silence its critics?

Follow the progress of Mark’s documentary, Knowledge Report: Scientology’s Spies, Lies, and the Eternity Prize, by clicking here, and you can donate to the film’s Indiegogo campaign by clicking here. Here is the website Derek mentioned that describes the death of Lisa McPherson.

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  1. Scientology must have taken a hit over the years with the documentaries exposing what they are, because they donate a lot of books on Scientology to libraries. It would be interesting to know what your guest knows about Galaxy Press. It is a press that is selling Hubbard’s pulp fiction novels and making multi-voiced audiobooks of them. Again, I don’t see these in many bookstores, but they are marketed to libraries.

    1. Author

      Good point. Come to think of our, that’s where I ran across Battlefield Earth and the follow-up series when I was a kid.

  2. This was a very good interview, and INSIGHTFUL!!

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