VFTB 220: Rollin Miller – Abyss

abyssIMAGINE GETTING a one-on-one interview with Lucifer. Even in chains, as he will be during the thousand-year millennial reign of Jesus, the fallen “anointed cherub who covereth” is still incredibly dangerous.

Author Rollin Miller discusses his fascinating new novel, Abyss. He tells us what inspired the book, how he got inside the head of the Satan, and why he believes the apostle John was inspired to tell us specifically that the sea will give up the dead that are in it at the time of the final judgment (Rev. 20:13).

Also: Assisted suicide movement continues to press for legalization. And here is the link to Sharon’s article “The Future of Medicine: Deciphering a Major Clue in the SOTU”.

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  1. I was listening to this podcast which ended at 34 min. and 36 secs. but the interview wasn’t finished lol! Hoping you can link me to the full interview! Thanks so much, God bless!

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