The PortentNAZIS, UFOs, aliens, and ancient astronauts: It’s got all the elements of a popular series on The History Channel, except that it’s written from exactly the opposite worldview.

Dr. Michael S. Heiser, academic editor for Logos Bible Software, joins us to discuss the sequel to his excellent debut novel The Facade.  Like his first novel, The Portent: Volume Two of The Facade Saga, follows a small group who have become pawns in a vast government coverup of technology that seems to have come from nowhere on Earth.  Mike’s unique experience and qualifications as a credentialed Bible scholar and respected ufologist allow him to explore, in a captivating story, the theological implications of the modern UFO phenomenon, our culture’s fascination with “ancient astronauts”, and a scenario that might dupe professing believers to welcome a false Christ with open arms.

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