VFTB at the OPS: Avi Lipkin — Threat of Fanatic Islam

Avi Lipkin
Derek Gilbert and Avi Lipkin

OUR GUEST says he’s the happiest man in the world. Why? Because for 30 years, he’s predicted a devastating Middle East war, and so far he’s been wrong every day for 30 years.

Avi Lipkin was born in New York but moved to Israel after completing high school and two years of college at New York University.  He served in the IDF and then as an officer in the IDF Spokesman’s Office from 1989 to 2001. Since 1994, Avi has spoken in over 1,000 churches and synagogues in the U.S., Mexico, across Europe, and in Israel. He is the author of five books, including Is Fanatic Islam a Global Threat? and Christian Revival for Israel’s Survival.

Derek and Sharon Gilbert will be at the Prophecy in the News Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit July 25-27, 2014 at the Marriott Hotel in Colorado Springs. Watch for information here.

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  1. It is troubling that you would have someone like this on your Show. It shows a disturbing lack of awareness, and discernment, that has become rampant in a “Church” devoid of any standards, whatsoever. “Israel” is not of God. It should be obvious, but apparently it is not. You are veering-off into areas where I will not follow, and into which you should not go. Exactly whom do you represent?

    At this point, you are merely ‘stirring the pot’ for the satanic globalists, adding confusion to an already addled, and reeling, public. Whomever you are getting ‘advice’ from needs to be told to shut up: they are severely embedded in error.

    1. Author

      I represent myself, and in so doing I try to follow the Lord to the best of my limited ability. No one bankrolls this program, if that’s what you mean.

      It seems you may be reading conclusions into my mind that I don’t hold. I think I’ve been pretty clear in stating my belief that Christians shouldn’t confuse the nation/state of Israel with God’s chosen people. In my essay on Dominion theology in the forthcoming book Blood on the Altar, I suggest that blind approval of Israel is one of the lures that will draw professing Christians into building the infrastructure for the coming one-world government.

  2. Lipkin hates all Muslims and he sees terrorists behind ever tree and under every rock.

    He pours his hatred in a nausauating and distributing version of Christianity.

    Lipkin is a neo con and the Church has had enough of this vile spouting nonsense.

  3. You seem confused in your on-air statements concerning 9/11, and the criminal State of “Israel”, among a growing area of other grievous errors, and failures in judgement.

    Your ‘ambition’ is showing. You represent more than yourself. By default, you already, and always, represent 2 people. And, increasingly, your presentations seem to reflect the pet, yet erroneous, notions of your Wife, to be blunt.

    You claim to serve God; do so: “You cannot serve 2 Masters”. Quite frankly, we listeners are not interested in your ‘marriage dynamic’. Now, instead of rallying indignantly to her ‘defense’, listen to God on this specific subject. Who leads whom, here?

    I do not listen to ‘P.I.D.’ already because I don’t care, at all, about your dog.

    Spin this anyway that you like, but you are headed way off-course, my Friend.

    1. Author

      I appreciate your concern. We discuss a lot of issues from a variety of standpoints. I don’t agree with all of them.

      As regards Sam: That’s fine. We are who we are. Some people appreciate us, others think we’re buffoons.

  4. You are more than welcome to be who you are; but, we don’t need to listen to
    it. As a Professional Broadcaster you should know better than to present ‘precious’ twaddle to a serious audience. But, again, it’s your mic. It is incumbent upon you to disagree, when you claim you do, and yet that is not at all apparent. If you assume these are a form of debates, they are decidedly one-sided, in favor of
    your guests.

    Ordinarily, your VFTB Show is well done. But, the arrival of an impossible to ignore
    arch-zionist has pushed toleration beyond the pale. Zionism is a direct insult to God, and nothing less. There is no truth on that ‘side’: it is entirely demonic, and expressly forbidden. By HIM. “Two sides to every story”? No, there are not.

    1. And, you might want to re-explore the Original Story of Adam and Eve, and exactly how this dynamic developed and initially expressed itself. She runs him off a cliff.

    2. Author

      Your points are valid. PID Radio has been what it is for nine years because, again, that’s who we are. It’s not an act for the sake of being “cute”, and I fully understand that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

      That’s partly why VFTB was split off from PID Radio. And the interview is usually not a debate but an opportunity for a guest to express their point of view. Avi Lipkin has been a guest on the show twice before and will likely be on again. But as I said, it is my view, which I will try to make more explicit in the future, that mindless acceptance of Zionism by professing Christians is a tool by which the Enemy will draw believers into building and supporting the Antichrist’s kingdom.

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