prophecy_americaTHE TECHNOLOGY on which we have come to depend may play an important role in setting up the kingdom of the Antichrist.

Radio and television host and commentator Paul McGuire, author of the new book A Prophecy of the Future of America, discusses how technology is empowering the “scientific dictatorship” in its drive to create what he calls “a dark utopia.”

Derek and Sharon Gilbert will be at the Prophecy in the News Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit July 25-27, 2014 at the Marriott Hotel in Colorado Springs. Watch for information here.

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  1. Another excellent interview. It is interesting Paul McGuire brought up a topic which has concerned me. Believers, regardless of their maturity, are “filtering” information to the point of “tossing the baby out with the bath water.” We are becoming “meek” in the face of the enemy, and not recognizing Paul’s description of the whole armor of God. We have one offensive weapon. We better get better at wielding it. Our “survival” depends on it. There is one teaching which states Paul observed Roman soldiers in their “home station” attire. On the battlefield, they would carry two spears, a short spear and a long spear. These are likened to prayer and praise.
    It is amazing to listen to how God is bringing believers together to educate those who will listen. Derek, your studies, your wife’s studies, Cris Putnam’s new book. This interview. The Hugo de Garis interview on Canary Cry Radio. I still haven’t found time to listen to the interview you conducted with de Garis.

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