VFTB 176: Gnostic Noah

snakeskinWHILE OTHER Christian commentators debated over the degree to which director Darren Aronofsky’s film Noah deviated from the Bible’s account, Dr. Brian Mattson sparked a minor controversy by suggesting that Aronofsky’s story wasn’t based on the biblical text at all.

He was exaggerating, but not by much. Brian, a theologian, writer, speaker and co-host of the Dead Reckoning vidcast, explains that Aronofsky’s Noah was full of Gnostic symbolism, and he tells us why he was disturbed that respected Christian leaders seemed oblivious to it when recommending the film to other believers.

Read Dr. Brian Mattson’s critique of Noah, “Sympathy for the Devil”, by clicking here.

Derek and Sharon Gilbert will be at the Prophecy in the News Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit July 25-27, 2014 at the Marriott Hotel in Colorado Springs. Watch for information here.

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  1. The natural flow of the conversation was amazing. I was laughing a lot. Good show! And blessings.

  2. Notice the Watchers are redeemed helping Noah build the ark in the film.

  3. This interview is yet another great addition to the View From The Bunker archive yet not for simple reasons.

    I agree with Dr. Mattson on his views on ‘Noah’ being a vehicle to remix Christianity for a new generation yet not delivering the Biblical version for a specific reason.

    Also, how many Christians are desperate to gain ‘street-cred’ by any means even promoting a Film that has details not mentioned in The Holy Bible…!!!

    What, am against is (again in my opinion) the forthright manner at times that Dr. Mattson has around Gnosticism & his view that Christianity is a simple-to-understand religion.

    It, seems Dr. Mattson needs to re-read The Book of Ezekiel as that’s full of mystery then connect with….

    Proverbs 20 : 12

    Ephesians 5 : 32

    Life has been designed to be tricky possibly by God & definitely by Satan but for different reasons. With, an example being the infamous Apple eat by Eve.

    If, the Apple was in the Garden then it was meant to be eat yet when it fell from the tree meaning it was ripe?

    Also, Wine is mentioned quite a bit in The Holy Bible. Wine is a thing that take time to be enjoyed again another hint around maturity to learn about what life is.

    What is mystery to us is simple to God, yet it’s still mystery that requires focus along with maturity to understand in full.

    Dr. Brian Mattson, in my view needs to realize this.
    Yet, am a man & aren’t perfect therefore maybe am wrong & he’s right or we’ve both got 50% each?

    Thanks again, Derek.

    I’ve sent you an E-Mail on a possible future show around the themes mentioned in this great thought-provoking episode.

  4. This discussion is so good; it’s crucial to understand.

    Gnosticism is a prevailing worldview presented in many Hollywood films (intentional or not) and in the scientific and culture industry. As the West embraces the supernatural worldview, Christians will need to present a framework that is truly biblical, and doesn’t include elements of gnosticism. The good news is… some of the New Testament was written with this in mind, so our script is already written.

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