VFTB 163: Our Role in the Ancient War

Disclosure by Josh PeckIT’S JUST a guess, but it’s possible that many, if not most, professing Christians do not view themselves as soldiers in a cosmic war. Or if they do, they believe their weapons are the ballot box and political action committees.

Josh Peck, founder of Ministudy Ministry and author of the new book Disclosure: Unveiling Our Role in the Secret War of the Ancients, joined us to discuss the Enemy, his tactics, and how we are to arm ourselves for this ongoing conflict.

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  1. Where in the book of Enoch or the bible do we hear about Satan being the mastermind of the 200 watchers mating with fair women? I this just a theory that fits or is there more evidence? I keep hearing this from all kinds of people since LA Marzulli and the cosmic chessmatch. But he also thinks the men wanting to have sex with the men angels at Sodom and Gomorrah was an attempt to create Nephilim. I guess if it makes sense we just believe it. Sounds kinda like what you said about tradition in the church’s today.

    1. Author

      Actually, Jon, the only name given to a leader of the Watchers who fell is Semjaza (or Samyaza, or a number of other variant spellings). This was almost certainly not the Satan of the New Testament, since we are told in the Bible (2 Peter and Jude) that the angels who committed this sexual sin are now chained until the final judgment.

      Speculation here: “Satan” is derived from the Hebrew shaitan, which basically means “accuser” or “adversary”. Some scholars believe this is a title, rather than a proper name, sort of like “prosecuting attorney”. So it’s possible that Semjaza was “the satan” before he crossed the species barrier — but again, this is strictly speculation with no evidence to support it.

  2. Thanks for the response Derek. I completely agree with your assessment. By this logic though we have the possibility for every fallen angel or unclean spirit to be a “Satan” (Adversary). Lucifer was a great fallen Cherub or Cherubim (sorry don’t remember at the moment what he was) so could he too be construed to be one of these “Watchers” also and fit in this picture? Aren’t “Watchers” in a class by themselves? Were the Watchers of Genesis 6 even fallen angels prior to their sins we are told of or were they on the job serving The Most High when they conspired these sins and carried them out? Have the third of the Angels/Stars in heaven even fallen yet as described in Revelation which is the only passage about fallen angels that I know of other than Lucifer? Or is the war in heaven still future and sides have not been taken? We don’t really KNOW squat about the heavenly realm for the most part. I just have a huge problem with bible teachers not being clear or upfront about speculating and theories that have very little biblical evidence. Someone listening to Josh’s theory (with very little if no evidence) about Satan conspiring with the 200 hundred Watchers to manipulate human DNA would assume that this is Satan “The “Devil” as commonly believed in most all christianity and this is a story from the bible that they just haven’t heard before. By just reading the book of Enoch and in the bible about these angels seeing that women were fair and lusting after strange flesh it would seem pretty clear it was LUST not a conspiracy to manipulate human DNA. Women should cover their heads because it makes angels want to corrupt human DNA? No, because they can LUST after women. The men in Sodom were trying to make nephilim from anal sex or oral? This is obviously only contrived to make it fit so you can take the parrallel verses from the gospels and say “As the days of Noah were….” and As in the days of Sodom….. When it’s clear what they have in common is direct judgement from God with the flood, sodom and the return of Jesus to unsuspecting sinners who oppose God. I guess the plain story just isn’t sensational enough and doesn’t fit everybody’s paradigm.

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