VFTB 159: The Government’s Medical Killing Machine

Jon Rappoport
Jon Rappoport

MORE AMERICANS die in a given ten-year period than from all the war’s in this nation’s history.

That’s not Internet conspiracy lunacy. That statement is based on studies published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.  And it’s not based on malpractice or neglect; those numbers calculate the people who died as a result of medical treatment administered properly according to accepted protocols.

So why aren’t Geraldo, 60 Minutes20/20 and Nightline all over this?

Investigative journalist Jon Rappoport, author of AIDS, Inc., joins us to discuss why he calls Obamacare a “ticking time bomb” and the government “a medical killing machine” — and why the major media doesn’t say a word.

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  1. I listened with interest to the discussion. There are some points of merit, insofar as the imperfection of medical research, and there have been documented episodes of bad behavior by Pharma. But the inflammatory nature of the allegations begs some form of balance. As a practicing physician, I am a bit puzzled by what would seem a profound epidemic of death form medical interventions. There is no doubt that there have been deaths from medication, even when used correctly. But has this been considered in the context of overall mortality? Many of the supposed poisons and ills that we suffer through have somehow failed to stem the constantly increasing life expectancy. Shall we do away with most modern medicine? How about psychiatric medications? Before you answer, please carefully review the history of the treatment of what Americans called the insane in the pre-medication era. How would you have liked to visit an asylum for the insane, ca. 1900? Earplugs and body armor would be helpful! Have you ever seen a person with catatonic depression or schizophrenia? In my schooling through the 1980’s I saw several cases. In the modern era these outcomes are almost unheard of. What is missing from the equation you presented this weekend is balance: weighing the good that the treatments afford against the toxicity they engender. There is no doubt that all drugs have side effects. So the successful use of a medication balances these factors. For instance, it is completely possible that had these very drugs not been used/available, there would have been far greater mortality! This is something that is not knowable, but distinctly possible, and in fact likely. And the autism issue raised once again is extremely disingenuous. Perhaps there is some association with some immunizations, but I find the evidence not compelling. But I do find that with the unraveling of the culture, which you so eloquently describe, persons at risk for this condition are greatly worsened. Also, there is a great deal more awareness of the diagnosis, such that it is really difficult to compare base rates today from even a couple of decades ago. Overall, I was disappointed in this episode. Please seek more balance.

    PS: His AIDS citations are very old, his theory that AIDS virus does not cause AIDS is at variance with several of your other presenters in the past who assert that the virus is engineered and an assault on African Americans and gays. Please have your guests compare notes to see who is right! Oh, and then I need a new diagnosis for the men who are dying of some strange immunologic illness at immense rates. The first of which I saw myself with my own eyes in Philadelphia 6 months before the CDC report!

  2. Thank you for addressing the balance issue in your later podcast! One of Rappaport’s comments came back to me when I was writing, namely, that there were only 3 known deaths from vitamins, vs. the alleged large numbers for prescribed drugs. There is a compelling reason that may actually be true: vitamins essentially do nothing therapeutic! Well, not exactly, but close. Something actually has to exert some chemical activity on a real biological mechanism to hurt a person…as well as help. Likewise, an oxyacetylene torch is very dangerous, but necessary in many construction projects. Unfortunately, because of our bizarre and toxic diets we are missing many natural substances that, when restored, improve health. But that is not the same as a therapy, per se. People seek vitamins to treat illnesses that they were not meant to address, often on the flimsiest evidence (e.g., no placebo controlled double blind studies). There are several unique vitamin-like substances I regularly recommend, but in general I advise eating the most diverse, low-ish carb, low-ish fat diet mostly vegetable without GMO foods. A good rule of thumb is that when a person uses any substance–natural or artificial–to accomplish a therapeutic goal, that person is taking a drug. And, in so doing bears the risk of toxicity, as well as the equally serious risk of failed efficacy, e.g., treating cancer with megavitamins. Ask Steve Jobs about that one! And the cancer example is apropos, as these are the very worst drugs for toxicity, exceeded only by the toxicity of the illness itself! Shalom!

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