Who Really Killed Kennedy? coverA COTTAGE industry of conspiracy theorizing has grown up around the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  As the 50th anniversary of the event draws near, we discuss a new book that looks at all of the major theories and tries to untangle the threads.

Two-time New York Times best-selling author Dr. Jerome Corsi joins us to discuss his new book, Who Really Killed Kennedy? 50 Years Later: Stunning New Revelations About the Kennedy Assassination, and to explain why he calls President Kennedy “the first victim of the New World Order.”

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  1. Derek, your tag line is significant since the princes, the powers of the air, seem to have such a hold on the earthly principalities. Who is actually in control in Washington, D.C.? Thankfully, our Lord is in control over all.

  2. Fantastic interview with compelling data. The more we learn, and look at all these pieces from various researchers, we see the same characters, same patterns, over and over again… amazing how almost any conversation about any of the evils going on today always traces back to Germany and Nazism …

    That America and Wall St funded and created Hitler’s reign is beyond most Americans’ ability to fathom, yet time and time again we are forced to accept this as historical fact. funded and armed, then attacked, then the NWO turns around and reabsorbs all the dark advances made under that nazi banner. kudos to Corsi for having the clarity and courage to see the JKF assassination for what it was, a pivotal chapter in the story of the NWO seizing power over the world…

    I recently read the full interview of ex-Illuminati “Svali” and she essentially says the very same thing, that the Kennedys were taken out because they wouldn’t get with the underlying Luciferian/globalist program.

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