VFTB at Prophecy Summit: Bob Cornuke

Bob Cornuke
Bob Cornuke

HIS SEARCH for truth led him from the streets of Los Angeles, where he served as a police investigator and SWAT team member, to what may be the site of the biblical Mount Sinai. And yet his children believe his most impressive achievement may be having his findings featured as a question on a Trivial Pursuit™ card.

Bob Cornuke is the author of six books and president of the Bible Archaeology Search and Exploration (BASE) Institute in Colorado Springs.  He’s been featured on the National Geographic Channel, CBS, NBC’s Dateline, Good Morning America, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, ABC, the History Channel and Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

Bob has been a part of thirty expeditions around the world searching for lost locations of the Bible.  He has searched for Noah’s ark in Turkey and Iran; for the Ark of the Covenant in Egypt and Ethiopia, and most recently, his research team found the probable location of the apostle Paul’s shipwreck off the coast of Malta.

Bob talked about his transition from crime scene investigator to global adventurer, how his police training helped him investigate ancient archaeological sites, and why digging up the past matters to us in the 21st Century.

This interview is one of about two dozen recorded over the three days of the Prophecy Summit at Pikes Peak, July 26-28, 2013. To see these interviews with all of the presentations from the Prophecy Summit, please visit our friends at Prophecy in the News.

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  1. I am Maltese and have been diving Maltese shores for the past 30 years. Mr. Cornuke did not find St Paul’s Shipwreck on the Munxar reef. This site can be totally ruled out. There is not one single local scholar who accepts this baseless theory. For reasons as to why his theory can be disproved one can see the article I published in the Malta Independent as part of a symbolic protest defending Malta’s rich cultural heritage…

  2. I thoroughly enjoy the archeology discussions, but I am writing to ask if you have a link to the article you referenced about the false flag operations. We had a family discussion about false flags this evening, specifically chemical weapons in Syria as a possible false flag operation. Thanks

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