VFTB 143: Ancient Hebrews in America?

Los Lunas Decalogue StoneAN 80-TON boulder in New Mexico raises some intriguing questions: Were people from the Ancient Near East in New Mexico sometime before 500 B.C.?

Dr. Aaron Judkins talks about his new documentary, “Hidden Mountain and the Los Lunas Mystery Stone” (also available on YouTube by clicking here) which records his investigation into what may be a Paleo-Hebrew inscription in the New World.  Aaron talks about the evidence for and against its authenticity and speculates as to why the Los Lunas Stone has attracted so little attention when at least one reputable scholar of Ancient Near Eastern languages, the late Dr. Cyrus Gordon, believed it was genuine.

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4 Comments on VFTB 143: Ancient Hebrews in America?

  1. Haven’t heard this show yet, but my immediate thought is that this sort of discovery, were it to be real, would make a lot of Mormons happy. 🙁

    Of course, speaking as a Christian intensely interested in the Scriptures, I couldn’t imagine pious Jews carving the tetragrammaton into a random rock, especially at such an odd angle. Neither could I imagine them wanting to travel overseas, since doing so would make it impossible to observe important parts of their law.


    • You’re right about that, this would indeed lend some support to the Mormon theory of history. The explanation floated by one expert is that this was not carved by pious Jews, but by Samaritans. The practice of carving the tetragrammaton into a big rock is closer to what we know of their customs than to that of the ancient Jews.

  2. One thing is for sure the Native Americans on other native lands had inscriptions such as in the state of Iowa an so forth, there is evidence of the Native americans u who knew ancient hebrew, Also there no such thing as jewish laws there clearly YaHuAH’s Turah(law) matter of fact its an enternal law forever, Knowing the true creator’s name is very easy in the incorrect word “judah” no J in ancient hebrew, the correct spelling is “YaHuDaH which means a worshipper of YaH” in the name YaHuDaH theres 5 letters YHUDH=YaHuDaH all u have to do is remove the D/dalath and u have YAHUAH, very simple the Most High makes it very simple to know his awesome name… The TaNaK has been falsly called “old testament” which is a creation of christianity the truth is jesus is not the savior, it is cearly YaHuAH in Y’Shai’Yahu(Isaiah) 45, theres only ONE mighty one who will save to those who only obey His enternal oath he gave on mount sinai to Mashah(moses) the Turah is forever all the laws came from YAHUAH not Mashah but from YAHUAH , it was Rome who changed the TaNaK an they made their new testament and their savior jesus christ, jesus is a blend with the ancient pagan saviors such as mitheras,tamuz,horus an so on an the roman Titus Flavious so please read the laws of the creator very carefully, i was in christianity but no longer because the religion goes agianst YaHuAH, Sh’loom have a great day ..

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