VFTB 127: The Great Oil Conspiracy

The Great Oil ConspiracyWOULD IT surprise you to learn that oil is a renewable resource that has nothing at all to do with fossils? Probably, since some very powerful forces have a vested interest in preserving the myth of “peak oil”.

Jerome Corsi, #1 best-selling author and senior staff writer for WorldNetDaily, is the author of the new book The Great Oil Conspiracy: How the U.S. Government Hid the Nazi Discovery of Abiotic Oil from the American People.  He joined us to discuss the theory that oil is constantly created deep within the Earth, when the U.S. government knew about the Nazis’ discovery, and the reasons for the coverup. (Find the Kindle version here.)

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  1. My 8th/9th grade science teacer (1982-3) told us he went to college and dated Werner Von Brauns daughter. Looking back that was my first exposure to “Operation Paperclip”; My 13 year old mind had no concept of the duplicities/moral ramifications of this clandestine project, let alone the evils of Nazism.

    It seems that the US Govt. post WWII made a decision to suppress wholesale the American spirit of discovery ala Edison, for the spirit of greed, control, power, and money.

  2. A book of utter nonsense. Not one ounce ( or should i say barrel) of information in this book is based upon scientific fact.

    Maybe have a real geologists on your show one day.

  3. Werner Von Braun was my father’s God-father. My father was the first German born baby allowed in the U.S. Post WWII and was adopted. Von Braun cut through some huge red tape to get him into the states. Americans hated Germans at this time. He knows nothing of his original family and doesn’t want to either. I guess the more I learn about Von Braun and this the more I understand my father and understand why he doesn’t want to dig up his past.

  4. Willard, I for one would be open to considering your point-by-point scientific refutation of this book, which you presumably have read in order to make such a statement.

  5. I wouldn’t count on it. Geothermal works and is a vast resource.

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