VFTB 124: The Artilect War

The Artilect WarWE MAY be on the verge of creating a race of beings that will destroy us.

That’s the warning of artificial intelligence (AI) researcher Dr. Hugo de Garis, author of The Artilect War: Cosmists Vs. Terrans: A Bitter Controversy Concerning Whether Humanity Should Build Godlike Massively Intelligent Machines.  Dr. de Garis believes that the 21st century’s global politics will be dominated by the “species dominance” issue — in other words, the debate over whether we should or should not build these artilects (artificial intellects).

It’s not a happy prospect.  Dr. de Garis has coined the term “gigadeath” to describe the horrific and potentially terminal consequences of the Artilect War.

Note: Video from this interview will be incorporated into a forthcoming documentary from Tom Horn on the topic of transhumanism and AI.

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  1. After listening to this… I want my Mommy.

  2. Gosh..Does this man really think the Middle East is “democratizing”??
    Dr. Hugo de Garis may be a brilliant mathematician, but his understanding,at least in this area, is wacked.


  3. My first impression was “what a load of BS”. Then I realized this was a godless man, similar to those who perpetrate evolution upon man kind.

    Not one word of Jesus, no not one…

  4. This is a ten year old interview when I found it. Could tell the Dr. was not a believer. Respect his past experience in building electronic brains so he knows what he’s talking about there. An artilect war sounds possible but not without a human element or deity behind the controls IMO. I do believe there are many who would accept transhumanism. It seems easier to turn humans to robots than to build bots. Very sad possibilities. Today, some suspect the vax as a component in all of this because of what’s discovered in the serum.

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