VFTB 120: Forbidden Archaeology

Alien AgendaIS IT still science when data that doesn’t fit a political (or spiritual) agenda is discarded?

Dr. Aaron Judkins, an archaeologist and explorer from Texas, talks about anomalies in the fossil record that most people never hear about, like the fossilized human footprints at the Paluxy River near Glen Rose, Texas — found beside and inside tracks left by dinosaurs.  We also discuss his new book, Alien Agenda: The Return of the Nephilim — and why an archaeologist is concerned with the UFO phenomenon to begin with.

Note: In the interest of fairness, it should be pointed out that even some young Earth creationists such as Dr. John D. Morris, President of the Institute for Creation Research, believe that it is “improper for creationists to continue to use the Paluxy data as evidence against evolution” because the tracks are, at best, inconclusive.

However, there are still unanswered questions raised by the soft tissues preserved in fossils supposedly millions of years old.   And we note that the first comprehensive study of all 200 specimens of human-like fossils known as hominims “revealed that they are probably all variants of Homo sapiens.”  In other words, Australopithecus, Neanderthal, and you, dear reader, are all the same species.

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  1. Great interview by Bro Derek as always, and great guest as always…
    i kept trying to think about it the whole interview, and then it hit me… not to come from left field but i swear Dr Judkin sounds just like Owen Wilson ;).

  2. HA HA HA HA… good one Donnie… and yeah… you’re right.

    Great show… gonna make my son listen to it.

    Gonna pass it around on the interwebs too!

  3. Skeptical: If you’ll look in the show notes, I linked to that article. You are correct–in 1986, Dr. Morris at ICR withdrew his earlier book on the Paluxy River tracks.

  4. Yes, Dr. John Morris did withdraw his book. However, he seems to be supporting the fossil tracks again. He has taught it recently in the classes at ICR. Just a side note: I have researched & excavated tracks on the Paluxy for some 17 years- Dr. Morris has not. The premise of my book, “Evolution & Human Fossil Footprints” is that this is not an isolated case along the Paluxy. It is indeed a global phenomenon. The E-book is available for download at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/ajudkins

  5. Thanks, Aaron. I’ll check that out.

    And we should mention again that Dr. Morris, regardless of what he believes about the tracks at the Paluxy River, remains a young Earth creationist.

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