VFTB 117: The Nazis, America, and the Antichrist

Power Quest Book 2IT’S DISTRESSING to realize the the “greatest generation” survived the Great Depression and defeated Hitler only to see their retirement savings eroded by the biggest economic mess since the 1930s — and worse, to learn that the United States, under the pretext of resisting Communism, imported many of the Nazis that so many gave so much to fight.

Doug Woodward, a speaker at the recent Prophecy Summit at Branson and author of Power Quest Book 2: The Ascendancy of Antichrist in America, joins us to discuss how World War II may have been just another battle in the long-running spiritual war, and why he believes the United States — or at least elements within it — willingly bargained with the devil for the unholy knowledge of the Nazis.

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  1. Great subjects…and look forward to going into your website. All your speakers and topics interest me very much, as I have spent some years studying the Prophetic Word of God. I thank the Lord we have Christians such as you. God bless you. Bob Handley

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