Woman on the Beast

WE HAVE seen the future and it’s not going to be fun. War between Israel and Syria and/or Iran is just one of the events on the near horizon, according to our panel at the Prophecy Summit at Branson tonight.  And yet, the consensus was that we should not have a spirit of fear as we look ahead.

Joining us to discuss the future and what it will look like when get there: Ken Johnson of BibleFacts.org, Ray Gano, the publisher of Prophezine, and Cris Putnam, co-author of the best-selling book Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope is Here and publisher of the excellent website Logos Apologia.

We discuss the use of prophecy for apologetics, the panel’s best analysis of what happens next, and how and why Christians should prepare — as in stocking extra food and water — for the rough road ahead.

Special thanks to Destiny Lab for the bumper music tonight.

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  1. Great show… These guys knock it around and are not over the top … just some good solid, sensible discussions on prophetic matters.

  2. Hey Derek – thanks for having me on the show, I had a great time with some great guests.

    1. Author

      Ray: It was a pleasure talking with you. I developed a deeper respect for your ministry. While Sharon and I have always appreciated the study of prophecy, we’ve noticed that not everyone who teaches preparedness does so with the goal of having extra to share when the spit hits the fan. Your answer to the question of why we should prepare for tough times was dead on scriptural as far as we can tell, and I really appreciated the opportunity to bring out that point. I look forward to talking with you again–I have a lot to learn about prophecy and preparedness.

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