VFTB 091: The Lord’s Resistance Army

Work of the LRA
The work of the Lord's Resistance Army

ALMOST LOST in the news cycle already was the announcement last week that the U.S. is sending military advisers–Special Forces soldiers–to Uganda to help chase down the Lord’s Resistance Army, a militaristic cult headed by Joseph Kony.  What is this group, and why should Americans care about it?

Tony Kail, founder of Voice of the Accused and author of Cry From the Bush: A Christian Response to Africa’s Epidemic of Witch Hunts, Child Witches, and Deadly Exorcisms, discusses the origins of the group, the spirits that guided founder Alice Auma, the brutal practices of Joseph Kony, and the spiritual soil that allowed this evil weed to bear fruit.  For more on the Lord’s Resistance Army, see the LRA Crisis Tracker.

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